docleaf leadership provides coaching, mentoring and support for CEOs, board level executives & other high achievers.

docleaf leadership specialises in:

  • Coaching for CEOs, senior business leaders and other high achievers.
  • Mentoring &  acting as a confidant. Someone to talk to in absolute confidence about a challenging situation. To provide objective perspective and insight that gives sound, honest and confidential feedback.
  • Crisis Mentoring with over 20 years of corporate crisis management experience he is well placed to support you through the most intense of crises.
  • Certified in the use of the  Human Synergistics Psychometric profiling and high performance team development. He is also certified in the use of Barrett Values Centre tools for measuring both organisational culture and individual culture and values.
  • Public speaking and talks on Leadership, psychology of business and crisis management.

Our history:

For 20 years docleaf, led by its founder Dr. David Perl, have coached and mentored CEO’s through the most adverse of business crises.  It was through these experiences that Dr. Perl became curious as to what set apart the businesses that weathered the storm well as compared to those that suffered more reputational and other damage.  It is from working alongside leaders during crises that has motivated the company to develop an expertise in coaching and mentoring those at the helm in becoming more effective in the navigation of their lives.

A bit about Dr. Perl:

David qualified as a medical practioner from St. Thomas’ Hospital, London in 1984. He has commercial experience creating one of the UK’s most successful crisis management consultancies.

He is a qualified psychological psychotherapist and is experienced in hypnotherapy and NLP. He has worked in General Practice, Psychiatry and Trauma before leaving full-time medical practice to set up docleaf in 1998.  docleaf is a crisis management consultancy which has worked with multinational tourism, conferencing, aviation and defence contractors.

David speaks internationally on leadership, psychology of business and crisis management.

Confidentiality and discretion:

David is a medical doctor, qualified psychotherapist and relationship/marriage therapist.  As a consequence he is well versed in maintaining professional and personal boundaries and treating confidentiality with the highest priority.

He treats all material – whether personal, professional or industry-related with the utmost respect.